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    Beaphar Cat Flea Reflective Collar, Yellow

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    Brand: Beaphar

    Color: Yellow


    • Comfortable fabric collar
    • Up to four months effective
    • Elastic safety link
    • Suitable for cats and kittens from 12 weeks of age
    • Reflective for night visibility and fluorescent for day visibility

    Binding: Target

    Release Date: 19-02-2016

    model number: 17804

    Part Number: 17804

    Details: Product Description Beaphar soft cat flea collars contain an insecticide that kills fleas on your cat and prevents their return for up to 4 months. Effective, comfortable and oh-so-sparkly, Beaphar Soft Cat Flea Collars provide fashionable flea control and can be adjusted to fit any cat. Beaphar soft cat flea collars are suitable for cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age. Complete with silver bell. Ingredients 456 mg (18% w/w) Permethrin (cis:trans 40:60) Directions Do not remove the collar from the blister until ready for use. Fasten around your cat’s neck (coloured side facing outwards), leaving enough room to insert 2 fingers between the collar and neck. Do not fit too tightly, to ensure against irritation, but do not fit too loosely, or the cat may be able to get a foot or tooth under the collar, in an attempt to remove it, and become caught up. Remember to periodically check and loosen the collar if fitted onto a growing cat. Cut off any collar sticking out beyond the buckle. Wrap this cut-off in a bag and throw it in your dustbin. Keep the empty blister card for reference until the collar is thrown away. Warnings: You should not use this collar if your cat is less than 12 weeks old, is sick or getting over an illness. Do not allow the collar to come into contact with pregnant or nursing cats. In all of these cases, use a flea comb or speak to your vet. Do not use any other flea control products on your cat whilst using this collar or within 7 days of removing it. Leave room between the collar and your cat’s neck to allow for growth and to prevent irritation - if skin irritation does occur, remove the collar straight away. Never allow any animal to chew the collar. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label. Keep out of reach of children. For animal treatment only. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the collar. Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling the collar. Do not allow children to play with the collar or to chew and suck on it. A pet wearing a flea collar should not sleep in bed with people, particularly children. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to aquatic life. Do not contaminate ponds or other watercourses with the collar. Dispose of excess collar length, the used collar and empty packaging in the household refuse. Box Contains 1 x Cat Flea Collar

    EAN: 5012428041744

    Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches

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