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    Mite-STOP Powder by Aniforte | Disinfect Cats & Dogs with Proper Flea Treatment | 250ml (50g) Diatomaceous Earth

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    Brand: AniForte


    • REPELL fleas and mites from your pets' living quarters so that your beloved dog, cat, or horse is safe from fleas, mites, mange and other parasites.
    • ENHANCE their living conditions by taking superior preventative measures using Mite-STOP. Our Mite-Stop Powder is an effective long-term treatment with diatomaceous earth. Free from artificial additives and toxins. This product also avoids stress for your pet by only treating the pets' living areas instead of the pet itself.
    • RELAX as you allow your pets' friends on dates over, as your place will be free from fleas and mites! Mite-Stop powder is used for the environmental treatment of pets' living areas without treating the animals themselves. The pests are captured on their way to and from the host animal.
    • EASILY start the treatment as no preparation is needed to start treatment, no rinsing off necessary, and for stronger infestations, repeating the treatment is simple. Suitable for junior young and senior old, large and small dogs & cats.
    • OUR PREMIUM QUALITY: Developed by expert veterinarians and experienced animal health practitioners, Independently tested, Made in Germany, Strictly against animal testing, No artificial additives.

    Details: Product description Mite-STOP Powder for Dogs & Cats Pests are covered in powder during treatment or cover themselves in powder through their own movements. The active agent is released & naturally binds to the cuticle fats in the exoskeleton, causing pests to dry out & die. Low temperatures & humidity can delay the action of Mite-STOP by 1-2 days. Adverse reactions are not expected provided the instructions on the label are followed. Mite-STOP Powder for Dogs & Cats is free from chemical additives & reliably effective against mites and other parasites. It is made from 100% diatomaceous earth, is highly effective over long periods of time and parasites cannot develop resistance to it. Composition: Aniforte Mite-STOP powder for dogs & cats consists of 100% diatomaceous earth, a natural form of amorphous kieselgur found in fossilised diatom sediments. Instructions:Evenly apply Aniforte Mite-STOP powder for dogs & cats dry to your pet's living quarters. It effectively repels mites and other parasites, as well as killing any already present. In case of serious infestation, repeat treatment after 2-3 days. Can be used every 14 days as a preventative treatment. For best results, we recommend you thoroughly powder your pet's environment (e.g. bed & favourite spots in the house). Safety: Do not breathe in the powder. Keep out of reach of children. Do not bring into contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Avoid all unnecessary contact with this substance. Improper use may damage health. Always use caution when handling pesticides. Always read the label and product information before use. Regular use may dry out your pet's coat. Ingredients Diatomaceous Earth

    EAN: 0748810891011

    Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches

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