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    YHmall 3 Pcs Metal Cat Bowl, Stainless Steel Anti-slip Non-spill Cat Food Bowl, Cat Feeding Bowl, Cat Water Bowl, Multi-purpose Dog Bowl

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    Brand: YHmall

    Color: 3 Cat Bowls


    • 😺SMOOTH SURFACE: The metal cat bowl (also dog bowl) is made of stainless steel, non-toxic, odorless, rust-proof and non-allergenic, advanced polishing technology, smooth and clean. Compared with plastic, it is more environmentally friendly, anti-drop, anti-virus, and protects the diet of small animals.
    • 😺MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for wet food (canned), cat/pet dry food, multipurpose cat food bowl and cat water bowl. The 3-piece metal cat bowls can be used for multiple pets, so you can have many cats and other pets.
    • 😺 SHALLOW CAT BOWLS : They can make the cat easily get food, prevent the cat from fatigue and keep the face clean. 10.5 cm * 15 cm * 3.5 cm. Each bowl can easily hold more than 100g of granulated food to prevent overfeeding.
    • 😺 ANTI-SKID & ANTI-SCRATCH : The bottom of the cat food bowl is made of antiskid rubber. The bowl prevents pets from sliding when they eat and from scratching the floor.
    • 😺 EASY TO CLEAN : The cat water bowl is easy to clean and dry by hand, and the rubber ring at the bottom can be easily removed without any trouble to you.

    Part Number: B07PLXDK2H

    Details: ★Q :My cat doesn't like eating at all.
    ★A : It is very likely to be a whisker fatigue. When a cat eats, if their beards touch the bowl, they will feel the pressure and will not want to eat. The base of our cat bowl is raised, the bowl is flat and shallow, and it can protect the cat's beard from being touched. Let the cat fall in love with eating.

    ★Q : My cat is very sensitive, so I hope that the raised cat bowl is non-toxic and odorless, and can't have a pungent taste.
    ★A : We use stainless steel material, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. And the stainless steel material is very easy to clean, so you don't have to spend too much time cleaning the cat food bowl.

    ★Q : Our cats are lively and active. They will make a sound when eating and scratch my floor.
    ★A : Our raised cat bowl base has a rubber ring that stabilizes the cat bowl while protecting the floor from scratches and noise. The rubber ring can be removed.

    ★Q : I am afraid that cats eat too much at one time, which is not good for cats. But I can't grasp the amount of cat food.
    ★A : Our cat bowl has a wonderful size, 10.5cm * 15cm * 3.5cm, don't worry about cats eating too much to cause obesity.

    ★Q : I am very worried about the cervical spine of my cat. I am more inclined to buy a raised cat bowl that protects the cervical spine. Although that is expensive.
    ★A : I have to say! you don't have to worry about that things because cats are mainly concentrated on the waist, you totally don't need to buy the cat food bowl that said protect your pet's cervical vertebra. that is 100% percent waste your Money.

    1. Suitable for: wet and dry food, water resistance.
    2. Weight: 0.16 LB.
    3. Packaging: 3X Pet Cat Bowls.

    1. Clean the puppy bowl before use. Because black oil may still exist in the production process.

    EAN: 8593249424475

    Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 6.7 x 1.8 inches

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