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    Hemp oil as a pain relief supplement has recently received a lot of popularity due to its numerous health benefits to humans. The hemp plant is now the most demanded herb globally. These benefits are not only for humans; recent studies have shown that hemp oil benefits pets such as dogs and cats. Hemp oil has been perfectly tested on dogs to ensure it is safe and beneficial to your dog. It is a natural supplement for your furry friend. Dog's hemp oil comes in different forms that make it easy to administer to your dog such as; edible capsules, dog food containing hemp, tincture and hemp-infused treats for your buddy in all shapes and sizes.

    Before we see the benefits of hemp oil for dogs, it is important to know what hemp oil is. Hemp oil is an oil that is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant. It has no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); hence your dog cannot get high. It has no intoxicating effect on humans and animals; instead, it promotes good health in your whole body. Hemp oil has phytocannabinoids which are unique compounds that have therapeutic properties. This ensures that hemp oil benefits dogs in numerous ways.

    1. Reduced Anxiety

    Dogs often have anxiety, whether from public noise, thunderstorms or fireworks. To combat this, you may rush your pet to the vet for a calming or relaxing treatment. This approach can be costly, time consuming and although effective, it can be expensive. At one point, vets would only give you prescriptions for anxiety, but this has all changed with the sudden boom in Hemp oil products. Hemp oil is a natural solution for anxiety in dogs. Furthermore, Hemp oil's fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega -9 are a fantastic edition to your pets long term health.


    1. Reduce Inflammation

    Studies have shown that hemp oil helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a common condition in all animals, including dogs and cats. It occurs when the body is trying to fight real and perceived threats. More often, inflammation leads to the release of inflammatory cytokines. They cause hypertension, autoimmunity and allergies. Hemp oil helps to decrease the production and release of inflammatory cytokines. Also, hemp oil inhibits the body's inflammatory macrophage production, which significantly decreases the chance of chronic inflammation. When discussing chronic inflammation, help oil is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Hemp Oil can help prevent radical damage, which may lead to organ disease and premature ageing of your dog or cat when left untreated. Simply put, a daily dose of hemp oil on your dog can help keep them young and active for playtime, walkies and life.

    1. Pain Reliever for your dog

    In addition to reducing inflammation, hemp oil is a great pain reliever for your dog or cat when suffering with swollen or painful joints. It acts as an alternative to prescription pain management. Hemp oil helps dampen the area or the pain origin; this makes it perfect for treating all sorts of ailments. Hence your furry best friend will be free from painful surgery scars, hard stool, or painful joints as hemp targets it all. Researchers are actually considering hemp oil as a new drug for chronic pain treatment. With no more pain, your dog will remain playful and happy.

    1. Treats the Nausea Feeling

    Hemp oil is widely known for its help in appetite. As your dog ages, its body requires even less food. As a result, older canines may have malnourishment problems. Hemp oil for dogs' increases appetite and is also effective in nausea treatment. Whether it is your young puppy experiencing vomiting due to medication, or your dog losing a lot of weight, Hemp oil for dogs and cats is here to assist.

    1. Seizure Treatment

    Hemp oil for dogs has been numerously used to illustrate its medical benefits in reducing and overall stopping seizures. Dogs, like humans, also suffer from epilepsy, which causes seizures. Hemp oil is efficient in treating seizures and is a gentle and natural solution for your pet. With hemp oil for dogs and cats, you may well avoid the powerful and organ damaging prescriptions you get after visiting the vet.

    1. Good for Digestion

    As a dog owner, you are mostly concerned about the digestive tract problem in your dog. If your dog is having some distress due to eating what they should not have, or has a long-term stomach problem, hemp oil for dogs is here to take your worries away. Hemp oil for dogs consists of chlorophyll, thus helping your dog balance the digestion process and treating any stomach ache that may be experienced. In addition to treating common stomach issues, hemp oil for dogs may also prevents digestive diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IDB).

    1. Protects the Nervous System

    Dogs have a short life span; hence when they begin to age, their bodies start to break down. As a result of this their behavior begins to change; this is caused by cell atrophy. During this period, the nervous system is the most impacted by cell death. Hemp oil, as an antioxidant, comes in handy in preventing the toxins from hasting the decline process. Moreover, hemp oil for dogs also improves cardiovascular health for your dog. Just like in humans, it lowers the blood pressure and heart rate in dogs. Aged dogs are more often fond of heart-related problems and difficulty in breathing. Hemp oil for dogs is a product that will reduce the risk factors for your ageing buddy.

    1. Helps with Skin Allergy

    Everyone loves a dog with perfect skin that you can brush through all year round, regardless of the season. The hairier and furrier the dog is, the more beautiful it is. Hemp oil for dogs contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) that improve atopic dermatitis symptoms. GLA has omega-6 essential fatty acids. Even a healthy dog can be deficient in these fatty acids hence resulting in health problems such as skin allergies.

    1. Cancer Treatment

    For an ageing dog, cancer is persistent. Hemp oil for dogs has ingredients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which can reduce phospholipids and inflammation, which causes cancer. The GLA inhibit the growth of a tumour. Your dog’s immune system is improved to fight and kill the cancer cell. Although hemp oil is not effective in completely treating veterinary cancer, it is significant in reducing the risk caused by cancer and slowing the growth of cancer.

    1. Maintain Energy Level

    Hemp oil for dogs increases GLA consumption, which increases the energy levels of your dog. It boosts metabolism and increases the levels of serotonin in your dog. When your dog has a deficiency in GLA level, it can cause verse health problems. With hemp oil for dogs, get ready to enjoy a healthy and joyful dog.

    Hemp oil for dogs is a natural alternative treatment for your furry best friend. It will help you avoid tedious visits to the vet. Moreover, hemp oil for dogs treats your dog effectively, ensuring no severe side effects on your pet. Just like in humans, hemp oil for dogs is effective for the good body functioning of your dog. As your dog ages, it will ensure it does so slowly that you share every moment. With hemp oil for dogs, you are assured of a healthy dog, always ready to play or join you in your morning jog. Therefore, purchase and enjoy the benefits of hemp oil for dogs.

















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