About Us

Plock’s farm, 1994 where it all began. 26 years on and we are still as dedicated to making delicious & healthy dog food as we were back then!


Proud To Be A British Company    

Building a 'heritage brand' is not just about how old you are, it’s about how relevant you remain. Born from a traditional family run farm in Preston, Lancashire and 26 years in the making, our passion & commitment for exceptional quality and customer centric products has helped us shape a leading ‘Premium Pet Food’ business.
The factory is now built around the original farmhouse as portrayed in the ‘Plock’s Farm Photo’. Over the years, and as we have grown, our desire and passion for producing exceptional quality dried pet food has enabled us to develop ‘vet approved’ premium range products that dogs absolutely love.
We love what we do and we are confident that your pets will share this passion for our food!
Our Guarantee:
Quality Ingredients
Your Pets Happiness