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    Can Dogs Eat Duck?

    Can Dogs Eat Duck?

    When it comes to feeding man’s best friend with human food, there is much debate among us on what is actually best for them.

    Is feeding your pup just a little bit of your breakfast that harmful?

    Should you be worried if you gave your friend a little bit too much at the dining table?

    Because we love our pets, these questions are always on our minds.

    When it comes to duck, however, you can rest easy as generally, dogs can actually have a few nibbles of this tasty meat. Keep in mind though, that no food can replace dog food, and even if the answer is a “yes” there are still some things to remember before doing so.

    If you take a walk in your dog food aisle, you might spot a few of the brands advertising “duck” in their ingredients. This is because duck meat is a great source of protein which is vital in any diet for an active dog.

    Not only that, but duck meat also contains iron and various amino acids which are great for those muscles being used by your dog when they run around. So yes, ducks may even be healthy for your dog to eat, as long as it’s fed to them the right way.

    So what is the “right way''?

    While it might be tempting to serve your dog a 5-star meal that will make any pet roll over in jealousy, this might actually do more harm than good. Duck meat itself is fine, but other ingredients might not have the same effects.

    Some herbs that you think might bring out the flavors of the duck might actually be poisonous to your friend and might even cause various digestive problems. The more simple the method of cooking, the better.

    It’s also recommended to render the meat as much as possible in order to lessen the amount of fat your dog eats. A dog’s fat intake is much smaller than ours after all. Avoiding the skin of the duck is also a good decision, as there are higher levels of fat there than in any other part of the duck.

    And just like any treat given to your pet, keep in mind that it can never be a replacement for actual dog food. If you feed your dog one too many bites, it might just abandon its regular diet completely.

    It’s never bad to be too careful, and if you’re still worried about whether it would be completely safe, consulting your vet about what your pup can eat is always an option.

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