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    Can Dogs Eat Porridge?

    Can Dogs Eat Porridge?

    Although porridge is generally known to be a healthy and light food to have, which is precisely the reason why it is a popular choice among many people.

    So the reputation of porridge among humans is good… well how about our fellow furry friends?

    There’s good news to all porridge lovers out there, yes dogs can eat porridge. As porridge is not just safe for your dog to consume, it can also be very healthy for them as well.

    However, don’t go scooping a spoonful of that porridge into your pet’s bowl just yet, because although dogs may be able to get the same health benefits we do from this dish, there are some restrictions in order to accommodate a dog’s diet.

    Is Porridge Good or Bad For Dogs?

    Dogs may be able to receive all the vitamins and nutrients in porridge, and is also a wonderful way to have your dog get more water in their system. Keep in mind, that this only applies to porridge by itself, with no other added ingredients.

    Once you add other components to the porridge, for example sugar or milk, you might end up doing more harm than good for your pup.

    The same rule applies if you’re not making the porridge yourself, and are buying the prepackaged ones in a store.

    Be sure to read the contents carefully, as some may have more sugar content than your pet can handle, before deeming the dish safe for your dog.

    How to Feed Your Dog Porridge

    So does this mean that the porridge has to be plain and boring just for it to be safe for my dog?

    Although there’s many ingredients that are a big no no for our pets, there are a few safe ingredients that you can put into the porridge to elevate their snack.

    All natural peanut butter is a favorite for many dogs, and so are certain vet approved fruits like bananas, apples and strawberries.

    Cinnamon might also be a great choice to not only spice up the porridge, but is a great natural inflammatory.

    The limits of what can be added depends on your knowledge of what your dog can and cannot eat. 

    Also take special care in preparing the porridge itself, making sure the dish is well cooked, so it is easier for them to eat.

    Keep in mind that dogs have a more sensitive stomach that we do, and raw oats or even porridge made with processed grains might be enough to upset your puppy's tummy.

    In the same vein, because a dog’s stomach is different from ours, this almost means that the amount that they can eat is affected as well.

    Dogs cannot eat the same portions that we can, in fact, dogs don’t even require as much calories as we do, the average pooch only needing about 550 calories a day. 

    The Benefits of Porridge for Dogs

    The benefits of porridge are numerous, that it almost seems like you should be giving this to your dog all the time.

    However, no matter the amount of vitamins in a bowl of porridge, dogs will always need a proper diet that you can only get from actual food for dogs. A single porridge will not suffice as a whole meal.

    Porridge is a perfect supplement to your pet’s diet, when used and cooked right, leaving you with a happier and healthier dog.