Can Dogs Eat Raw Sausages?

Sometimes you’re fixing up a quick snack for yourself, frying a few sausages after a hard day and you look down and see your dog looking at you with their puppy dog eyes. It gets you wondering “just a bite wouldn’t hurt, right?” but is it really okay to be giving your beloved pet a bite of what you’re having?

Well the answer, is it might be more dangerous than you think. Although there’s a select number of raw meats that are okay for your dog to nibble on, sausage is not one of them. Raw sausage has a high chance of containing components that may cause health risks for your dog, such as various parasitical infections like trichinosis.

Cured sausage is not any better, as the ingredients in cured sausage are filled with dangerous spices and an excessive amount of fat and salt which is very unhealthy for your dog. This could range from food poisoning or to even the most extreme cases that may even lead to death.

If your dog has digested sausage please be aware of what could be the possible symptoms to look out for. This could include your dog vomiting, diarrhea, being lethargic, inflamed muscles, or abdominal pain.

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