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    Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

    Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

    When there’s a delicious turkey on the table and everyone’s enjoying themselves and having fun, it is very tempting to let your pet join in on the fun, and when they’re looking at you with imploring eyes from under the table, it’s very easy for you to be convinced to sneak them a piece or two. But should you? 

    The simple answer would be, technically, yes it is safe for dogs to eat turkey, however there is a very big “BUT” there. Turkey, by itself is not only allowed for your pet, but is actually an ingredient that is being used in all kinds of dog food. It not only tastes good, but it also contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that makes it a popular choice. In fact, when cooked right, it could actually be an integral part to a dog’s everyday diet.

    How to Feed Your Dog Turkey Safely

    What needs to be emphasised in the answer “Can dogs eat turkey” is “When cooked right.”

    Although the meat of the turkey is alright, it’s the way the turkey is cooked that is the problem when it comes to giving your pets a little piece.

    We as people, usually don’t eat turkey by itself. If we did, it would taste quite bland.

    Which is why we add so many things to make it flavorful. From garlic, to onions to all kinds of herbs and spices.

    For us, this is delicious, however when given to dogs, might actually be dangerous to their health, causing complications that may range from a simple upset stomach, to pancreatitis as a worst case scenario. 

    Well then what is the “right” way to give your pup a little of this juicy delicacy? The most direct answer is to avoid giving your dog all the ingredients that aren’t the turkey itself.

    This means only giving the meat of Turkey without any of the spices, onions, garlic, etc. Not even the skin should be allowed, as when preparing the Turkey, it’s the skin that is usually heavily seasoned, and contains too much fat for a dog to take.

    You should also be mindful of the bones that are in Turkey, being careful that your pet will not choke on these when they’re so excitedly munching.

    And just like any special treat that isn’t vet prescribed, feeding your pet the meat is allowed in moderation. Just enough for them to enjoy a little bite is enough.

    Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

    So the meat gets a pass, well how about the bones? The bones are actually more dangerous than the meat itself, being very brittle, and small enough that the risk of choking is very high.

    The bones might also have the tendency to cut up the insides of your dog’s mouth, and should they actually ingest the whole bone could cause a whole other list of problems.

    This could include the bone either being lodged in the stomach, tearing something on the inside of your dog’s body, or constipation.

    If the bones aren’t those that are of appropriate size and are vet approved, it may be better to avoid giving your dogs bones in general.

    As long as you follow the proper way of giving turkey to your pets, you can create a great atmosphere that even fido can enjoy with you.

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