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    Grain free dog food benefits

    Grain free dog food benefits

    Making sure that your dog is eating the right dog food is very important and has direct beneficial links to a healthy pet. When a dog receives a balanced and nutritional meal, they will lead a happier and longer life with far fewer health issues and health complaints.

    But how do we make an informed choice when it comes to choosing a healthy dog food? Search the internet and there are literally 100’s of products, each proclaiming to be the healthiest and best choice for your dog. All brands claim to have the very best in nutrition, flavour, value and above all, health benefits for your dog. In choosing a grain free dog food, you will be making a more informed and beneficial decision for the overall health and well-being of your pet.

    The benefits of a good grain free dog food are widely documented, and these are just some of the benefits that will aid with your pet’s health:

    Increased Energy

    Pippa & Max’s dried dog food is vet formulated to ensure that there are no processed grains, and the food is grain free offering healthier sweet potato as a grain alternative.

    A Healthier Coat

    Unless there is an undiagnosed underlying reason, all dogs should have a naturally shiny and healthy coat. This is linked to the nutrients in their food, feeding the coat and keeping it in tip-top condition. Starve the dog’s body of these essential nutrients, and the coat will often suffer becoming dull, and rougher than it used to be. There are countless cases of happy dog owners who have made the switch to grain free dog foods and who have immediately seen their dog’s coat improve.

    Pippa & Max’s dried dog food is packed with omega 3, essential for keeping your dog’s coat healthy and vibrant.

    Healthier Skin

    Dog foods that contain processed grains can also have a detrimental effect on your dog’s skin. These processed foods can cause allergies and skin irritations and can lead to more complicated skin conditions that require lengthy and expensive veterinary treatment such as irritated, dry skin and inflammations.

    Pippa & Max’s dried dog food is packed with omega 3 & 6, essential for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and vibrant.


    Healthy Stools

    Digestion and the processing of dog foods is a key component to making sure that your dog has healthier stools and fewer toilet runs. The grain contained in normal cheaper dog foods is very difficult for your dog to digest, therefore leading to constipation in some pets or runny poops.

    Pippa & Max’s dried dog food is packed with completely grain free, essential for keeping your dog’s digestion healthy.

    Less Allergies

    Like humans, dogs can be susceptible to the grain in standard dog foods, therefore leading to allergies in your dog. A known and common symptom of do allergies to food is unusually itchy skin. This is caused by an overactive immune system triggered by the corn or grains in the food.

    Pippa & Max’s dried dog food is packed with completely grain free, essential for dogs that are prone to allergies.

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