Our new factory is home to the most technically advanced extrusion plant in the world, making some of the finest super premium dry pet foods.

Recent major development at Pippa and Max Pet Food has created one of the most technologically advanced and best equipped dry pet food manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world.

Our investment in the world’s first thermal twin extruder allows Pippa and Max to include very high levels of fresh meat in premium dry pet foods without the use of dry meat meals. The improved palatability of a ‘Freshtrusion’ diet is then further enhanced by the use of our new vacuum coater to evenly distribute fats, oils and palatants on and throughout each kibble.

With four extruders Pippa and Max has a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of super premium pet food and can make batches from 3 tonnes to 200 tonnes to suit small or large brands, delivering the same quality and consistency whatever the batch size.

Our Guarantee:
Quality Ingredients
Your Pets Happiness