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    Grain Free – Is it right for my dog?

    As a dog owner, knowing the very best food to feed our dogs can be an exceptionally difficult task. Put this question to Google, and you are instantly presented with 1000’s of conflicting articles, blogs and stories that each present a logical argument for and against the right dog food, yet each a sensible option within their own right. After all, as a dog owner, you just want the best food for your dog without having to navigate through logic, rhyme and reason, only for the next day to be presented with another study that causes you to pause, assess and reluctantly sway towards another pet food.


    Compounding this ‘pet food’ argument is a most recent debate surrounding ‘grain free’ foods and in particular, ‘grain free’ diets for dogs. The alert came into public focus after the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) released a report called the ‘Grain Free Diet Alert’, which investigated a potential link between dog foods and heart disease in some dogs.

    This resulted in many dog owners being concerned about a ‘grain free’ diet and the impact that this diet could have on their dog’s health.


    The main points of interest from the report are:


    • Some U.S. food brands have been found to have a taurine deficiency in their formulations, which means that the meat protein levels are not appropriate to give the recommended daily amount of Taurine.
    • Taurine is a powerful amino acid that is required for dogs and cats.
    • There isn’t any evidence to corroborate a link between illness and grain free food
    • The food agencies for the U.S. and Europe have entirely different legislation, and there have been no reported cases in the U.K.


    Not all grain free dog food is made the same and what goes into the food is essential in maintaining a healthy dog. Diet and poor diet can cause problems with dogs, as it can with humans. Grain free is not bad for dogs if it is nutritionally balanced and formulated for their needs.


    Animal protein is a rich source of Taurine and all our recipes are packed with freshly prepared and dried meat providing the essential levels of Taurine for a healthy diet.

    All our food is also made and formulated by qualified animal nutritionists ensuring that the food contains everything that your dog requires to remain healthy and thrive.

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